Organic Beard Oil

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Made with organic hemp seed oil, a perfect combination of other conditioning oils, and a SUPER fine blend of essential oils, this little 1/2 oz jar is the secret to good facial hair. Worth every penny to smooth, soften, and tame the wild side of that beast on your chin. Both Lumberjack AND metro city boy approved, the subtle natural oils like sandalwood, bergamot, vetiver, and even a little ginger mix with your chemistry resulting in a unique fragrance per each user. Can't go wrong with this one, and the bottle will most likely last you at least 6 months. LADIES (and gents)!! Great gift for your man! No more red rash face make out sessions! Aaaaand can also be used as a frizz tamer and hair shine for you as well! 3 to 4 drops into palm of hands and massage into beard/mustache. To smooth fly aways or for hair shine, drop 1 or 2 into your palms, spread evenly, & apply from roots downward.