Organic Wild Herbal Masks

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Rose Petal: Reduce inflammation, gentle natural hydration, toning, reduce pore size and even skin tone, balance 'zones' of dry or oily issues.

Activated Charcoal can draw out pollutants, impurities, and toxins as well as resolve problem skin (blemishes & breakouts).

Chamomile Calendula: helps treat/control hormonal breakouts or general acne issues. Soothes rashes or super sensitive skin. Improves skin elasticity. The most gentle of all masks, effective with chronic skin issues like eczema flare ups and allergy reactions.

Green Goddess Matcha: Fresh minty cleansing detox, reducing inflammation/redness, removes excess oil without over-drying, protects from sun damage and environmental stress. Great for mature skin!

Suitable for any skin type, without over drying. Mix with base liquid upon desired consistency: Recommend 1 tbsp per 1tsp of base liquid of choice: water, floral water (rose, lavender), milk or alternative milk of choice-I love oat milk)

Apply to clean face in a very gentle circular motion.

For optimal results can mix with our Herbal Skin Tonic, Rose Petal, or Calendula Elixir

Allow to dry and rinse gently with warm water. Pat dry.

4 oz. glass jar (about 10 applications)