Signature Wildcrafted Elderberry Kit

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This zero waste kit contains everything you need, including directions, to make the Signature Wildcrafted Elderberry Tonic fresh at home.  All ingredients are fresh for optimum potency, organically grown by me, sustainably foraged, and/or locally sourced. All items pre measured! 

-organic dried elderberries 
-fresh organic ginger root 
-cinnamon stick
-dried orange slice
-nourishing wild herb blend rich in minerals, vit c and antioxidants 
-glass mason jar for storage of your fresh tonic in the fridge  
-complete instructions 

Just add water and slowly simmer, strain, add raw local honey and shake!

*Note* ginger is fresh! Please make syrup with it within a week when stored at room temp, about a month if kit stored in fridge.  If not, no stress! But take the ginger out before it declines.  You can sub ground dried ginger, or preferably, pick up a fresh piece at the market when ready to make it. You also could omit the ginger.  The rest of the ingredients are dried and can be used up to one year after. 

Yes! You can message me if you have questions at home.